Project Description

Sheila McCormick began playing bass in the 1980s, initially playing electric bass and singing in country bands with her husband Reno McCormick. She started playing upright bass in the 1990s. She played in the all-female bluegrass band Sidesaddle for several years, performing, recording and traveling around California and beyond.

Since moving to Arizona in 2005 she often plays in a duo with her husband Reno and is part of the Blue Moon Trio along with Reno and Julie Sullivan, and also plays with Copper Canyon bluegrass band. Sheila has appeared at Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass Festival, Prescott Bluegrass Festival, Tres Rios Nature Festival, Alpine Bluegrass Festival, Blazin’ M Ranch in Cottonwood and many other venues.

Sheila has extensive performing experience and hopes to help new bass players with bass fundamentals as well as tips on playing with others, performance and the bass player’s role in a band.

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Upright Bass for Novice – Intermediate for Bluegrass, Cowboy & Country Classics

This lesson is designed to help new bass players lay a good foundation of playing in tune, in time and with good tone.

Will go over fundamentals of hand position, posture and some scales and progressions. Will discuss playing with others, performance and the bass player’s role in a band. Then will practice several tunes, some with different styles and beats, and also work on singing while playing bass.