Award winning mandolinist Mark Miracle has been playing Bluegrass/Americana music for over 40 years. Traveling the globe, his stylings and expertise have made him a sought after bandmate, guest artist, and thoughtful teacher. His deep roots in traditional Bluegrass have formed a strong foundation while offering a springboard for his development as a contemporary musician and vocalist. Mark loves a wide spectrum of music – not content to limit himself to just the genres of the great bluegrass masters. An adept instrumentalist, he is an explorer of many acoustic forms, embracing the edgy Bluegrass heroes who have breached the boundaries of both Jazz and Classical — opening musical frontiers and creating their own sub-genres, specifically Newgrass. Mark continues to pursue his place in the music world, without agenda, as more musical adventures unfold.

Novice/Intermediate Mandolin for Bluegrass

In this class we will be working on establishing and/or reinforcing some basic skills on the mandolin with a focus primarily on bluegrass styles. We will be exploring how to perform a solid rhythmic chop to back-up others, including simple two finger chords with relative minor chords to back yourself up singing songs. We will be learning a few simple, but well known tunes that are essential to a standard bluegrass repertoire and that are likely to be played at bluegrass jams throughout the world. Students must be somewhat familiar with their instrument and know how to play basic chords in G, C, and D..