Chris Brashear is a multi-instrumentalist, a singer and a songwriter. Along with Peter McLaughlin and Todd Phillips, Chris shared an artist residency at the Museum of Northern Arizona which produced The Colton House Sessions: Songs For The Southwest. Chris’s most recent solo recording, Heart Of The Country, was produced by the Grammy Award winning producer Jim Rooney.

Chris brings over twenty five years of professional music experience as a performer, teacher and recording artist. He has taught at numerous camps and festival workshops across the country including the Augusta Heritage Bluegrass Camp, Berea College, Mars Hill Roots Music Camp, Mandolin and Banjo Camps North and Walker Creek Music Camp. 

Intermediate-Advanced Guitar

This course will be co-taught by Chris and Peter McLaughlin and is for the more advanced player who wants to play with abandon and just crank it up a notch or two. We will discuss the influence of many styles including jazz, blues and acoustic rock, on the acoustic guitar, but primarily focus on bluegrass flatpicking technique. We will work on lead improvisation to develop tasty solos, adapting fiddle tunes to guitar, cross-picking methods, and playing leads out of chord positions up-the fretboard utilizing the whole neck. Additionally we will discuss band dynamics, ways to improve timing and tone, and how to be a better performer. There will also be discussion of some of the “master” flatpickers and their styles. Students will be able to benefit from the co-teaching model and experience various styles, tips and techniques from the many fine, accomplished guitar teachers on premise over the duration of the camp.