This is not a camp for rank beginners.

Roots & Boots offers different levels of instruction for various instruments and for singing tracts. Do not sign up for Roots & Boots if you have never played an instrument or have never done any singing! This will not be a good value for you.

To be considered for Novice – Intermediate Level you must be able to strum, pick or bow, as well as change basic chords in time, and be able to play simple melodies. Please contact us for more information regarding this if you are confused or have questions about your level and abilities. We can give you some suggestions for preparing for camp and for understanding your appropriate level.

Additionally, if you are taking just singing immersion, it is not necessary that you play an instrument.

Intermediate/advanced level participants should be able to play a basic lead and rhythm parts and be comfortable jamming. Although we don’t offer a separate Advanced level for immersion, there will be many opportunities for more advanced players to sharpen their skills and expand by exploring different music styles from Bluegrass-Blues, including working on a stage with microphones to understand how to work mikes and use sound to enhance your performance. Participants in this level are expected to play well with others, be competent at faster rhythms and complex lead parts, and cover material quickly.