Coffee, hot tea, lemonade and ice tea are included in your fee for all meal plans. Please choose your meal plan on the Registration form. We will send out a notice prior to the event to allow for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for dinner, but please note: If you are Celiac or have severe food allergies we cannot control cross-contamination, therefore it would be best to choose Option 3 to bring your own food.

Breakfast: See meal plans
Lunch: See meal plans
Snacks: Please bring your own snacks.
Coffee and tea, minimal soft drinks, lemonade, ice tea: Yes, this is provided.
Alcohol: You may bring alcohol but we must abide by FUSD’s rules regarding alcohol consumption on the premises. Please do not drink during your classes or you will be asked to leave.

Read more details about food and drinks provided on our Meals page.