Project Description

Matt Rolland from Tucson, Arizona has had a fiddle in his hand since the age of four. Best known as the bandleader and fiddle player for the Tucson-based band, Run Boy Run, he is a touring musician and fiddle teacher.  Winner of the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest, his band tours throughout the U.S., has released four albums, and has twice been featured on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.

Matt is an accomplished fiddler in multiple styles, including Texas, Appalachian old-time, and bluegrass.  He has three times placed in the top ten at the National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest as well as placing at contests across the country, including the Arizona State Fiddle Championship, Four Corners Fiddle Contest, Walnut Valley Open, and Fiddler’s Grove Festival in North Carolina. Growing up in a family of fiddlers, his dad, Peter “Doc” Rolland, a well-known cowboy fiddler, first taught him to play and he has since studied with Mark O’ Connor, Darol Anger, Daniel Carwile, Kevin Burke, and Charlie Walden.

Matt is a graduate of the University of Arizona and was a Fulbright Scholar to Mexico. When not touring, he is active in the Arizona music and arts community, and teaches fiddle privately and at the annual Rolland Fiddle Camp in southern Colorado.

CLASS: Intermediate/Advanced fiddle with Matt Rolland

This course will help the more experienced player learn skills in cross-tuned fiddling, back-up fiddling, on some fun Southwestern and Arizona Fiddle Tunes. Matt will focus on style and bowing techniques that give fiddle tunes their groove. This workshop is meant for students (young and adult) with experience on the violin (even if they’ve never “fiddled”) and more experienced fiddlers looking to expand their repertoire and sound. We will spend our time addressing topics in master class style, practicing bowing techniques, and learning several tunes by ear. Sheet music will also be available. 

Along the way, we can also cover techniques for the bow hold and bow arm to get your best tone, especially when playing quick tunes, tricks for improving your intonation, and some style tips for ‘sounding like a fiddler’. This is a great track if you’re looking to learn news tune while charting a road-map for improving your playing.